We can find out the difference between two given dates in PHP very easily. Consider the following PHP script:


I think there is no way yet to find out screen resolution with PHP. hehehe. If I am wrong please correct me. But yet we can trick it to be happen ;-) If not then how can we be developers. Right! With javascript we find out screen resolution of PC. Store it in a cookie […]


I have other solutions to find file path at server or file name using PHP. The thing is, some php scripts might not work with some versions of PHP or in some situations. So more methods you learn for each task with PHP, the better. Here goes more solutions; Enjoy! In this example I used […]


I have three solutions here to find current page name or URL of page being displayed. This script can be useful while you want to get page name or send page URL via email. If the page name is url.php and it is in wamp www directory i.e. localhost, then consider this example.