PHP Basics

Recently I was working with some PHP project and I had to fetch some text from database but I did not want to show all the paragraph. Instead I wanted to display just some part of it and give the reader facility to have a link or read more. For example: If the original text […]


Browser Check With PHP

by Hiroshi on August 4, 2008

in Checks, Scripts

Use this simple test for checking or detecting user’s browser information.

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PHP Functions

by Hiroshi on June 21, 2008

in PHP Basics, PHP Functions

A function is just a name we give to a block of code that can be executed whenever we need it. This might not seem like that big of an idea, but believe me, when you understand and use functions you will be able to save a ton of time and write code that is […]


PHP provides an easy way to use every element of an array with the For each statement. For each executes the code at each item in the specified array. While a For Loop and While Loop will continue until some condition fails, the For Each loop will continue until it has gone through every item […]