Form Validation

Similar to Number & Image form validation this example takes images with digits randomly and displays these for validating form.


This example is simple php, javascript image and number form validation. You can show number or image or both. If users enters correct number displayed then he can proceed with form submission. This example is using images containing numbers and these display randomly to validate form.


This is simple form authentication by a random number generated by PHP and authenticated by javascript. It can be used for spam control.


I have a feeling that every bit of any twitchy and creepy thing with web page can be done with a nice JS file. Got a form? Does it validate? Does it smack your face with a boring alert box saying! “Hey! Yo! You did not enter your name? Did you think I was stupid […]


In forms to prevent people from writing jhgkljtb7ibylihyb8lyi in phone TextField use the following script.

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