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by Hiroshi on June 20, 2008

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With the use of the switch statement you can check for many conditions at once, and the great thing is that it is actually more efficient programming to do this. A true win-win situation! The way the Switch statement works is it takes a single variable as input and then checks it against all the different cases you set up for that switch statement. Instead of having to check that variable one at a time, as it goes through a bunch of If Statements, the Switch statement only has to check one time.

Consider following examples to understand switch.

$v1 = "Javed";
$v2 = "Usman";
$v3 = "Kamran";
$v4 = "Azhar";
case "Javed":
echo "Javed is a friend";
case "Usman":
echo "Usman is working";
case "Kamran":
echo "Kamran is not good";
echo "Nothing to tell you";
// output: Javed is a friend
$s1 = 1;
$s2 = 2;
$s3 = 3;
case 1:
echo "Ongoing case is 1";
case 2:
echo "Ongoing case is 2";
case 3:
echo "Ongoing case is 3";
echo "No Case";
// output: Ongoing case is 1

Switch Example With Form Input

Javed, Usman, Sarfraz, Aubi are friends while Hitler, John and Smith are not.
We have page name as switch_with_form.php
And we have register_globals are on in php.ini
(You can create two pages if you want, one for form and other for script)

Form Code

Describe your name for identification:
<form action="switch_with_form.php" method="post">
<input type="text" name="name">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">

PHP Code

switch ($name) {
  case "javed":
  case "usman":
  case "sarfraz":
  case "aubi":
    echo "<b><font color=blue> Welcome, my dear, $name ,you are my friend </font></b>";
  case "hitler":
  case "john":
  case "smith":
    echo "<b><font color=red> Hey, You are no friend of mine, $name </font></b>";
    echo "<b> I do not know who you are, Mr. $name , Go away </b>";


For Aubi, Sarfraz, Usman and Javed input message “Welcome, my dear, provided name ,you are my friend” will be appeared and for Hitler, John and Smith a message “Hey, You are no friend of mine, provided name” will be appeared.
For any other input third message “I do not know who you are, Mr. provided name , Go away” will be displayed.

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