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by Hiroshi on March 8, 2013

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PHP Simple cache is a very useful caching script that can be used on any PHP website to make it responsive. Cache whole website or individual pages. You can turn on cache for most common pages or most visited pages.

Use PHP Simple Cache to generate and serve cached pages for PHP websites automatically. Fully configurable, plug and play, extremely easy to use cache script that can be turned on/off for individual pages. Speed up website loading time and make it responsive, faster, yet fresh because of its clear cache mechanism.

PHP Simple Cache Features

  • Easy to integrate and configure with any website (just include a file)
  • Use on a web server or on localhost (wamp, xampp)
  • Lightweight single file script
  • Only connects to the database when cache is cleared, expired or cached page does not exist
  • Ability to set cached pages lifespan
  • Ability to delete cached pages
  • Ability to turn on/off for individual pages
  • Ability to make PHP website responsive and faster
  • Ability to reduce server load and resources consumption
  • Ability to reduce database requests and connections
  • Ability to reduce web server processing
  • Increase page loading speed (resulting in better Google Page Rank)

This script in easy to use and requires a single file that you can include in your project and it will do the rest. You need to speed up your website and it will do exactly that. No database necessary. No PHP knowledge is required to implement this cache. You do not have to be a developer or programmer to implement this cache on your website.

PHP Simple cache has complete documentation that will help you set it up quickly. We have uploaded it at codecanyon. It has a demo page that you can visit to test the PHP simple cache.

CodeCanyon is a reliable source to download high quality PHP scripts. They accept only quality scripts. You can download the PHP Simple Cache from CodeCanyon.

PHP Simple Cache Online Demo and Download

PHP Simple Cache Online Demo
Buy PHP Simple Cache for only $5

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