PHPMagicBook Reloaded

by Hiroshi on June 9, 2010

in General

PHPMagicBook has been very modest, small, insignificant and under the hood. It is still modest but now with a fresh look. PHPMagicBook has got a new logo style. Lately we have not been posting enough due to lack of time and some other projects. We could not respond to guests. But now in following few days, you shall observe a start in regular activity here. We aim to solve problems for people who want to do it themselves. People who are designers and HTML developers, but can’t code PHP. In result they lose projects sometimes because they can not take whole project from starting point of Design and then HTML development and finally integration of PHP scripts at website to make it dynamic and responsive to its users. We just want to enable everybody to use PHP.

We provide working scripts. We test scripts, We write scripts and then we share it with you here. We are soon creating a section which will work like reference sheets for PHP scripts. You can not remember all PHP scripts you will ever need, right? So you need a reference sheet and ready to use functions of PHP. We are going to provide guests with the best practices and solution for PHP.

Check back soon and thanks to all PHPMagicBook guests, visitors, contributors and everybody who subscribed. PHPMagicBook has been reloaded and its going to start a new journey. Cheers!

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