PHP Photo Album – PHP Photo Gallery

PHP Photo Album/Gallery is a complete dynamic solution for Photo Gallery which can be installed on localhost (e.g. WAMP or XAMPP) or at online web host. PHP Photo Album gives you power and freedom to manage your photos by uploading, editing, managing these in a very user friendly manner. PHP Photo Gallery is bundled with Googls Ads support, pagination facility, comments and top ten photos display support, auto thumbnail generation and much more.

PHP Photo Album Front (Pagination, Gallery Hits, Top Ten Photos)


Photo Details Page (Pagination, Comments, Views Count)


Admin – Manage Photos (Add, edit, delete Photos & Manage Comments)



Thumbnails Support

You just upload single image from admin and the rest PHP Photo Album does itself. Thumbnails are generated for front end along with pagination. Thumbnails for interactive navigation in photo detailed view are generated for previous and next photo.

Gallery Hits

At Front page Gallery hits are shown to tell admin that how many visitors have visited the gallery so far.


Pagination is navigation system which is customizable. It breaks results into pages as the photo records increase.

Comments Support

PHP Photo Album comes with comments supports. Your visitors can comment on photo which will be placed in admin area for moderation and after you approve it, it will appear under the photo for which visitor gave the comment. Managing, approving and deleting unnecessary comments is very easy.

Top Ten Photos

At the front page Top Ten photos are displayed which depends on individual photo hits. The photo with more hits will be on top. This way you can keep track of popular photos.

Photo Detailed View

Photo details page carries photo full size image. There you can give comment to that photo. Navigation at single photo view is very user friendly. You can go further to explore photos from there or backwards.

Interactive User Friendly Navigation

Back, next links at single photo page along with images from next and previous photo are very helpful to determine where you are going.

Google Ads Support

This software comes with Google Adsense or any other advertising network ads management support. From admin you can add/save code for ads and can display from there on pages.

Admin Upload/Manage Photos

Uploading is a breeze. Just browse photo, give it caption and description and upload.

Admin Moderate/Manage/Approve Comments

Admin has different section for comments. Comments wait until these get approval from admin.

Install Help

Database and Settings

You need localhost (WAMP or XAMPP) server or online web host for this software. Collect photoalbum.sql file from folder sql-file. Create a databse in PHPMyAdmin named as photoalbum and import that sql file in that. If you do not know how to do it proceed here for example. Copy php-photo-album folder in root directory. You are done. Browse the directory and see this album in action. For admin area write admin infront of main directory of software. Use admin for user name and password.

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You can see PHP Photo Album in action from the following link.

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