Define Variable In PHP

by Hiroshi on June 19, 2008

in PHP Basics, Variable

A variable is a means of storing a value, such as text string “Hello World!” or the integer value 4. A variable can then be reused throughout your code, instead of having to type out the actual value over and over again. In PHP you define a variable with the following form:

$variable_name = Value;

If you forget that dollar sign at the beginning, it will not work. This is a common mistake for new PHP programmers!

Also, variable names are case-sensitive, so use the exact same capitalization when using a variable. The variables $a_number and $A_number are different variables in PHP’s eyes.

Here is how we define a variable in PHP.

// $name is a variable which stores value of javed
// display value of variable
echo "$name";
// or
print $name;

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