Change Prosilver Header and Logo in PHPBB – Working Solution

by Hiroshi on April 12, 2010

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You will install PHPBB and wonder what next? How to change its header and PHPBB logo? I did. First day I just stumbled through its admin settings, here and there and then searched quite a bit for default theme Prosilver’s customizations. Finally got it. Let’s come down to exactly how we do it. If you have been using WordPress then probably you will find PHPBB customization a bit nerdy task.

Go to in your FTP
Folder Theme contains css files
Folder Template contains template files

Pay attention….

Change / Remove PHPBB Logo from Prosilver

Go to template directory.
There is a file template.cfg
Edit it.
Find a line in it (line no.25)
img_site_logo = site_logo.gif*52*139
Change logo width and height from it and change image name if you want. Save it.
If you change image name, upload that new image in the directory imageset

So far so good.
We are not done yet.

overall_header.html file in template directory contains some code you might want to check in.

Search there following line.

<a href="{U_INDEX}" title="" id="logo">{SITE_LOGO_IMG}</a>

Remove it if you want to remove logo completely.

We are not done yet.

Following two lines contains Title and site description in header. Remove or edit these.


In my opinion, remove these lines, upload your logo image in imageset directory and change its name, width and height from file template.cfg in template directory.

We are not done yet.

If you will refresh site front side, it won’t show any changes. But changes have been made. I told you, we are not done yet buddy!

In theme directory, there are CSS files. Lots of them.

You might edit colours.css and common.css files to further modify header.

search for .headerbar style in both files and change properties accordingly – yep in both files. Here you can change background color and background image of header.

Find #logo id in common.css, set padding if you want.

Adding Additional Header Links

Come back to overall_header.html in template directory.

Find following lines.

<div id="wrap">
	<a id="top" name="top" accesskey="t"></a>
	<div id="page-header">
		<div class="headerbar">

Right under;

<div class="headerbar">

Start a DIV and close it there. In that DIV, you can place your additional header links.

We are not done yet!

Changing Footer

Find overall_footer.html file in template directory. Line no. 41 starts from ‘Powered by….’

Change it and add more if you want according to your needs.

Okay! Final and important step….

Where are Changes! Damn it!

Alright! I told you we are not done yet.
Go to Admin area (ACP) of PHPBB.
Go to Styles Tab.
Go to Style components (left side menu).
Under that there are:
* Templates
* Themes
* Imagesets

Browse these one by one.
In them you will find refresh link. Do it.

Refresh Templates.
Refresh Themes.
Refresh Imagesets

Now we are done; my friend. Check the front side now. Changes done! Its important to refresh templates, theme and imagesets to see changes in effect.

In start I was doing changes and did not refresh the theme and template and I could not see changes in site. I cursed PHPBB and went to sleep. With WordPress its all so easy. Click, click, click and you are there. PHPBB is tricky. Today I thought, Yeah! What the heck? Do it today. So, this is solution.

Want to see changes in header? See

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