Change Your Blog or Forum Theme Color Scheme Online Live

by Hiroshi on April 12, 2010

in Miscellaneous

ColorizeIt is an online color scheme editor. You can select or upload a design, change colors, download modified design and use it. ColorizeIt is a perfect solution for owners of forums, blogs and turnkey websites. You no longer have to search for a design that matches color scheme you want, you can take any design and quickly alter its color scheme online.

Service is in beta phase. Still you can use it and its great. Editing requires no html/css knowledge at all, you don’t need to enter weird html color values, all editing is done by moving few sliders. Select a color you want to be changed, move few sliders to change it to color you want, then when you download a design that color will be changed in all html files, css and all images.

Go to Colorize it

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