SMARTY – What & Why SMARTY is a template engine for PHP. More specifically, it facilitates a manageable way to separate application logic and content from its presentation. This is best described in a situation where the application programmer and the template designer play different roles, or in most cases are not the same person.


How to Setup VHOSTS on Xamp

by Hiroshi on October 20, 2008

in Softwares

Following are the steps you need to take to create a new vhost in the XAMP. Step 1 & 2 is once only and is needed if you have a fresh installation of XAMP. 1- Enable/Uncomment The following line in your /xamp/apache/conf/httpd.ini file LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/ 2- Open your /xampe/apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts file and uncomment following line […]


PHP can be run at localhost. It is very easy to setup a localhost and get your PHP pages running. Better than online server for practicing and building things before you upload the final PHP web based application at remote online server or at your web host.