Mod Rewrite

I have been experimenting with .htaccess a lot regarding with mod rewriting and URL rewriting and had a lot of difficulty finding the solutions regarding to exact problem I faced. This stuff is such a headache. I am feeling headache right now as I am typing after messing with a lot of .htaccess codes. Here […]


You must enable mod_rewrite before you can use it. If you want to enable it in httpd.conf, then use Options FollowSymLinks Fileinfo or Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Fileinfo If you wish to enable mod_rewrite at the .htaccess level (i.e. only in certain (sub)directories within each vHost and not for all (sub)directories of each vHost), then you must […]


Feedburner is a very useful service for adding a visual user and search engine friendly rss with your blog. Every successful blogger uses Feedburner service. Feedburner also provide a way to know your subscribers and emails your subscribers when ever an update is available at your blog without causing any load at your own server. […]

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