February 2013

Sometimes clients need to edit their CSS to make design changes and you have to implement a mechanism in website admin to get CSS, edit it and save it. You can do it in several ways but here is popular one like WordPress use while theme editing. Here it is.


We have earlier given a cache script to cache PHP websites. Here is another ready to use open source solution. This package is a little cache system optimized for file containers. It is fast and safe (because it uses file locking and/or anti-corruption tests). Implementation is really easy.


PHP Website Cache Script

by Hiroshi on February 3, 2013

in cache

PHP website cache system will reduce server load, make website more responsive and fast. It will reduce database requests and save time that sever takes to translate PHP pages before sending them to browser. This cache script converts PHP pages in static pages and stores them in cache folder. If static version of page exists […]