December 2009

Protect hotlinking the right way. There are content stealers out there who will copy your links and images and display them at their websites in result of which you pay more for bandwidth. If you do not do it the right way, you can block google and feedburner also. Here is a code to do […]


Hide Ads from Admin at Blog

by Hiroshi on December 21, 2009

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You can trace which user is logged in. Users at WordPress have levels for access. Admin access level is 10. You can simply trace if the admin is logged in and hide ads from your blog so that admin may not see ads. If you are admin of a blog and post a lot then […]


If you use a plugin to add avatars to your blog, there might be a setting in the plugin’s options page for choosing the default avatar. If you use WordPress 2.5+, then you probably use a template tag like the following for your avatars. < ?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 32 ); ?> You can easily […]

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If you are the only owner of any website or blog and want to protect your admin directory then you can allow that admin directory for just your IP and deny from all others. Here it is how.


Here is a code which you can use to hide your wp-admin screen. Change YOURSECRETWORDHERE to something else. It can be any word you want. Just make sure it’s unique and somewhat long. Make it, like, your pets name or something random. Change ADMINFOLDER to the new folder name you want. Letters, numbers, underscores, and […]