Being a website developer, I always wanted a control in which I can find visitor’s country name, country code, region or state name and city name. I wanted to redirect users based on their country and region. Now we have a script that let’s your visitor choose or set location so that he can perform […]

Send or receive HTML based email with multiple attachments. Highly customizable PHP script based on HTML 5 that can be used to adjust according to your requirement for an advanced email.


I always wanted to create a simple cache script that should be easy to use, flexible and can take parts of webpage to store separately as cache files. Sometimes you do not need full page cache mechanism.


Easiest Way to Save Any Code into Database

4 April 2013

I was working with the admin of a website and client needed to save Google Analytic code into the database. So I created a panel where he could save JavaScript code into database table to retrieve it in footer of website on every page. And then I created a section to save meta code for […]

Speed up PHP Website with PHP Simple Cache

8 March 2013

PHP Simple cache is a very useful caching script that can be used on any PHP website to make it responsive. Cache whole website or individual pages. You can turn on cache for most common pages or most visited pages.

htaccess Essential Cache Script

8 March 2013

Recently I noticed that a caching plugin was creating problem with the WordPress blog. Instead of performance upgrade, my blog was becoming less responsive. I had to turn it off and change the caching plugin. That cache plugin installed cache code in .htaccess file as well. I had to remove it too. I have compiled […]

PHP CSS Editor Like WordPress’s CSS Editor

3 February 2013

Sometimes clients need to edit their CSS to make design changes and you have to implement a mechanism in website admin to get CSS, edit it and save it. You can do it in several ways but here is popular one like WordPress use while theme editing. Here it is.

Pear Cache Lite Implementation for PHP Websites

3 February 2013

We have earlier given a cache script to cache PHP websites. Here is another ready to use open source solution. This package is a little cache system optimized for file containers. It is fast and safe (because it uses file locking and/or anti-corruption tests). Implementation is really easy.

PHP Website Cache Script

3 February 2013

PHP website cache system will reduce server load, make website more responsive and fast. It will reduce database requests and save time that sever takes to translate PHP pages before sending them to browser. This cache script converts PHP pages in static pages and stores them in cache folder. If static version of page exists […]

PHP mySQLi DB Connect and Show Single Result Example

31 January 2013

Here is how to use mySQLi, connect to the db and display a single record from database.