Upload and eMail File Using PHP and Apply Restrictions

by Hiroshi on June 17, 2008

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This is complete request form and it can be used to ‘Request A Quote’ and have some material from user uploaded at your server. This is what script does.


– Determines Max File Size (Size Restriction)
– Determines Max Available Space for upload (Space Restriction)
– Stores the file in predefined directory at your server
– Emails you a path to the link of recent uploaded file with other details

Variables Used In Form


PHP Code For File Upload

$MaxFileSize = "2048000"; // max file size in bytes
$HDDSpace = "1048576"; // max total size of all files in directory
$HDDTotal = "445";
$OffExt = "";
// add characters to strip out of filenames
$ThisFileName = basename(__FILE__); // get the file name
$abspath = str_replace($ThisFileName,"",__FILE__);   // get the directory path
// full path
$snr = array("%","'","+","\\","/","#","..","!",'"',',','?','*','~');
 $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'] = strip_tags($HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']);
 $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'] = str_replace($snr,"",$HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']);
// remove any % signs from the file name
 $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'] = trim($HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']);
 /* if the file size is within allowed limits */
 if($HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['size'] > 0 && $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['size'] < $MaxFileSize)
  /* if adding the file will not exceed the maximum allowed total */
  if(($HDDTotal + $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['size']) < $HDDSpace)
  /* put the file in the directory */
move_uploaded_file($HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['tmp_name'], $path.$pathext.$HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'].$OffExt);
$msg = "The file ".$HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']." is Successfully uploaded ";
		$myfrom = $Email;
		$myemail = "youremail@hotmail.com";
		$todayis = date("l, F j, Y, g:i a") ;
		$subject= "Request From Website";
		$message = "
		uploadedfile  	        : $filename
		Name          	        : $Name
		Email         	          : $Email
		Phone         	         : $Phone
		Fax           	          : $Fax
		Speciality    	         : $Speciality
		Clinic/Hospital          :$Clinic
		Comments/Request   :$info
		$from = "From: $myfrom\r\n";
		mail($myemail, $subject, $message, $from);
$msg = "The Filename: ".$HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']." is BLOCKED from being uploaded here.";
        $MaxKB = $MaxFileSize/1024;
        // show the max file size in Kb
        $msg =  "The file was greater than the maximum allowed, file size of $MaxKB and could not be uploaded.";
print $msg;


  • CHMOD ‘upload’ folder to 777 if it is at online server
  • Use enctype=”multipart/form-data” in form tag

Upload File With Restrictions And Email Script Download

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