I was working with the admin of a website and client needed to save Google Analytic code into the database. So I created a panel where he could save JavaScript code into database table to retrieve it in footer of website on every page. And then I created a section to save meta code for […]


.htaccess file is a magic file. You can change the way your website works by using it. I have been reading a lot about .htaccess files. Perticularly .htaccess is very useful in shared web hosting environment where the users have no direct access to their servers or they want to implement some restrictions/security to their […]


PHP is Not Secure

by Hiroshi on September 27, 2008

in Security

As a developer you must keep it in your mind that like any other programming platform PHP is also not secure. It can be hacked. Your website made in PHP can be stolen and hacked. There are softwares and exploits for attack. There are also vulnerabilities in PHP and there can be vulnerabilities in the […]


Prevent people to view your php.ini file via a browser a few lines needed to be put into the .htaccess file. Locate your .htaccess file which will be in your site’s root directory (public_html or www) Download and edit .htaccess Paste the following code into the bottom of the file and then click save:

One of my website was hacked, exploited or whatever… recently. I thank that gentle hacker who just placed some files at my server and he was just checking log files and did not damage any file or database. I really thank him. Well! I was using wordpress and I am with one of the best […]

Suppose you want to protect you email address and want to put it online in form of image or you are displaying visitors emails in form of images while they had entered simple text, then this script is very useful. Text used in this example is under variable text. Find it and replace it […]


Browser Check With PHP

by Hiroshi on August 4, 2008

in Checks, Scripts

Use this simple test for checking or detecting user’s browser information.

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Similar to Number & Image form validation this example takes images with digits randomly and displays these for validating form.