WordPress SEO Super Comments Plugin Not Working – Solution

by Hiroshi on February 18, 2012

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SEO Super Comments is a WordPress plugin that turns your blog comments into new pages. You can turn every comment on your blog into another individual page to increase website traffic. This will boost your website traffic more than twice very soon. Created by Vladimir Prelovac, SEO Super Comments plugin has got great potential to increase website traffic. According to the author, rate of possible increase in traffic is shown in figure as below.

This plugin converts every commenter name into a link which leads to the separate page for that comment. Recently this plugin stopped working for me. Here is the solution.

SEO Super Comments uses single.php page as a template. The theme I was using, was using only index.php page and there was no single.php page in my WordPress blog theme. I tried changing the template name from ‘SEO super comments’ options to index.php and then single.php back again but nothing happened. My comments were not giving me link for individual comment page. In short, the SEO Super Comments plugin was not working. I tried to contact the developer of the plugin but did not get reply soon. So tried to search the solution. Found a clue, tried and the problem was solved.


Edit the plugin file. Find these three lines given below in seo-super-comments.php file and comment these lines (starting from line 114).

if ($comcount<$mincomcount)				
return strip_tags($link);
else return $this->strip_nofollow($link);

Add slashes before these lines as given below to comment these.

// if ($comcount<$mincomcount)				
// return strip_tags($link);
// else return $this->strip_nofollow($link);

You can also remove these three lines.

Save the file, empty cache, refresh pages and the problem should be solved now.

Known Issue with SEO Super Comments

SEO super comments plugin will create separate pages for comments but it will result in many many duplicate ‘meta description’ entries site wide (use Google webmaster tools to monitor this). The post and the comment pages for that post will have same meta tags information. This is known issue still not resolved in SEO Super Comments plugin. Of course you can get the ‘current page URL’ and find whether it is a ‘comment page’ or ‘post page’ but after that you have to change the meta information if its a comment page to avoid duplicated meta entry. Many bloggers use ‘All in One SEO‘ or ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast‘ or any other SEO plugin that will generate description of posts. The description will be same in post and its comments pages created by ‘SEO Super Comments’.

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