Auto Create Image Gallery from Folder Using PHP

by Hiroshi on June 17, 2008

in Image Galleries II, Scripts

PHP Auto Image Gallery

This script searches subdirectories for image files and creates the corresponding links and navigation for them. Per-photo comment is supported. The script doesn’t support index pages or thumbnails, just the photos and navigation are shown. Put your images in subfolders called gallery1, gallery2, gallery3, and so on. Put the titles for the various galleries in the links.txt file, a new line for every title. Now all photos will be automatically recognized.

You can add comments by creating the files gallery1.txt, gallery2.txt, gallery3.txt, and so on. These files work the same as links.txt, a new line for every new entry. Note that these comment files are not necessary.

– Gallery accepts jpg and gif files and title for every image.
– No database required.

PHP Image Gallery 2 Download

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