Email Systems

This is not a foolproof system but its handy if users/subscribers are few. If you want to send an email (newsletter email) to all users then you can do like this. Select admin name and admin email from db (not important) Select users from db // Start a loop // Set memory limit and script […]


Previously I have posted PHP email scripts here but here is an update that is working for me now. There is one common problem with the email that is sent by using PHP scripts. That is: Email land in junk or spam folder. Here is the solution with HTML ready email. Send PHP email with […]


Send emails using PHP and AJAX. Its a complete AJAX PHP based email solution. Just download it and give it a try.


Send more then one files as attachment without uploading. The examples are RFQ scripts inwhich there are more than one file upload options and then script sends email to a predefined email address.


This is complete request form and it can be used to ‘Request A Quote’ and have some material from user uploaded at your server. This is what script does. Functionality – Determines Max File Size (Size Restriction) – Determines Max Available Space for upload (Space Restriction) – Stores the file in predefined directory at your […]